Yannell PHIUS+

HPZS designed the very first certified single-family Passive House Institute US (PHIUS 2018+) Renovation in Chicago. The objective of this ground-breaking retrofit low-energy project was to transform the speculative renovation market in the Midwest. Following strict PHIUS building guidelines, one of the neighborhood’s original homes from the 1890s has been completely reinterpreted and re-engineered into the home of the future.

By adding an addition to the property and renovating it, HPZS designed a five-bedroom, three-bathroom solution to meet the needs of the speculative home building market in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago - with the express goal of demonstrating this could be done at a profit - proving it a replicable model for decarbonizing existing housing stock in order to meet 2050 climate goals.

Using an array of technologies, the property meets PHIUS’ rigorous standards. Superinsulation including R-48 graphite-infused continuous exterior insulation, closed-cell polyurethane interior wall insulation, and 36” of R-100 blown in glass mineral wool attic insulation results in an extremely airtight envelope minimizing energy demands. An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) replaces used stale air with clean, fresh air after harvesting the heat energy to heat the incoming air. The exterior features a gorgeous modern exterior fiber-cement cladding. Inside, this Passive Home is extremely well lit due to its large triple-pane argon-filled insulated windows and features high-end finishes and fixtures - sacrificing nothing when it comes to sustainability and comfort.

In addition to the PHIUS 2018+Core certification, the house earns the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) status, is EPA Energy Star certified, and earns the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor airPLUS label--providing comprehensive interior air quality protections.

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