South Shore Beach House

HPZS is design architect and AOR for the South Shore Beach House, a new construction beach house including lifeguard and concession facilities at South Shore Beach near the South Shore Cultural Center. The building features two wings, one a lifeguard pavilion, and the other wing includes men’s and women’s restrooms as well as a family restroom along with concessions. The concept serves beach goers and South Shore golf course users and includes a series of large doors that open to create shaded areas for customers. The design also thoughtfully incorporates an area for a mural designed by children participating in the Chicago Park District After School Matters Program at the South Shore Cultural Center on site, truly embedding the design as a community structure.

The recently completed Beach House project is extremely unique, as it is a lakefront building subject to review by many agencies due to its sensitive location. Shifting dunes at the South Shore Beach required one half of the building to be built as a retaining wall in order to mitigate hydrostatic pressures on the building from dunes. It is also programmatically unique as it serves not only a beach-going population, hundreds of junior lifeguards for summer training, but also acts as a recreation building for ‘the turn’ at the currently in re-design championship golf course renovation planned to combine South Shore and Jackson Park golf courses near the Obama Presidential Center.